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Welcome to Eledris, the blog about worldbuilding and all fields related to it. My name is Tadeas Salvatore Jun, and I want to help you improve your worlds, as well as the way you tell stories. If you’re a worldbuilder, a writer, an artist, a game developer, or any other type of creative person, this blog is the place for you. I release a new article every two weeks, on Mondays.

I have been worldbuilding my own fantasy world, also called Eledris, since I was six years old. That’s over eleven years of worldbuilding! In that time, I learned what are the best practices of worldbuilding. I’ve also tried my hand at writing both fiction and non-fiction; I’m currently writing an e-book about worldbuilding, as well as a series of short stories.

Besides writing, I’m also active in all of the other topics I write articles about! I draw, although not as much as I’d like to, both digitally and traditionally. I develop video-games, mostly in the game engine Unity. Most recently, I have been focusing on this blog, as well as a video game about fantasy evolution called Genome.

About a year ago, I started writing guides and other articles regarding the things I did. I had a little bit of experience writing for blogs, having written about 50 blog posts on a website about the video-game World of Warcraft, but I didn’t really know anything about the business side of blogging. Since then, I’ve been writing blog posts as crazy, and marketing them even more, learning something new every day – and hopefully, helping you achieve your goals along the way!

Creating my world, Eledris, has been one of the best journeys in my life (and it continues to be!), and I hope I can help you with the same journey for your original fictional worlds.

Worldbuilders, writers, artists, game developers, welcome to Eledris!

Some of the best articles on the blog to check out are:

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I’m also active on social media, mostly Pinterest and Quora. Pinterest is a visual search engine, something like Google, but with images. And Quora is a Q&A website; people ask questions, and other people respond to them with expertise. I both ask and answer questions on Quora.

In my free time, I like to read a lot. I also watch animated shows. Am a big fan of the Drawfee show.

You can reach me via the e-mail tadeas@eledris.com, or in the comment sections of any of my articles. I’d be happy to discuss worldbuilding, or any other creative work, give you some feedback, or just chat!