About the Eledris Blog

Welcome to the Eledris Blog, an archive of articles about worldbuilding and all fields related to it. My name is Tadeas Jun, and as I’m working on my fantasy world, I want to help you improve your worldbuilding projects. If you’re a worldbuilder, a writer, an artist, a game developer, or any other type of creative person, this blog is the place for you. I release new articles and update older ones as my day job and university allow.

This blog has been on-and-off active since February 2019. I believe that over the years, I’ve improved my writing and worldbuilding skills quite a bit, and I’m trying to update my older articles to reflect that. You can see what the most recently edited article is on the homepage.

Some of my personal favorite articles to check out are:

There’s also a plethora of exclusive resources connected to many of the articles – these include checklists, printables, worksheets, and other downloadable goodies. You can unlock the library of resources by signing up for the Eledris Newsletter. I don’t send out emails very often or regularly, but you’ll always be the first to know when I update anything on the blog.

About Tadeas

I’m a programmer / English literature student by day, and world designer / writer by night. I have been building my fantasy world, Eledris, for around a decade now; it serves as a great creative outlet for me. In all that time, I’ve learned the best practices of worldbuilding. I’ve also tried my hand at writing both fiction and non-fiction.

Some of my other personal projects include:

I’m sometimes somewhat active on social media, including Pinterest and Tumblr. In my free time, I like to read, code, and cook. If you have any (ideally vegan) recipes you like, please send them to me! One of my lifelong dreams is to start a cooking blog.

You can reach me on my email, tadeas@eledris.com, or on Discord, where my username is @tadeasjun. I’d be happy to discuss worldbuilding, any other creative work, give you some feedback, receive feedback and criticism on my work, or just chat about anything!