Work with me

Besides working on this blog and my day job, I’m also a freelancer. I can offer you professional world design for any story, comic, or game. I have experience with projects on various scales, including projects where I just came in to create a few original animals, to full-on long-term projects where I created entire worlds. While I specialize in fantasy worlds, I also have experience with some soft sci-fi projects. Email me at for a free consultation.

An illustration of a dragon.

If you choose to reach out, we can chat about your world, decide on what would be the best approach to working on the world design, and set a price. The price of a project will vary depending on the scope, but small projects range between $60 and $500, while more complicated, long-term projects can go up to $2 500 per section. I accept payment via PayPal.

In the initial consultation (which is always free!), I can give you some feedback on your pre-existing world, identify problem areas, and offer suggestions on how to approach fixing them. I do my best to make the world design realistic and consistent while fulfilling your unique creative vision.

You can read through my worldbuilding sample here, or read some excerpts from documents I created for one of my long-term clients here. The clients in question, of course, consented to these excerpts being showcased.

You can reach me at my freelancing email,, or on Discord @tadeasjun. In your message, please include details about your project, your budget, and, if there is one, a deadline. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

Besides world design, I also can also offer you my work in the areas of writing and software engineering. Check out my portfolio for more information!