Work with me

Recently, I have begun my freelancing journey. I offer professional help on sites like Fiverr, and I’d love to work with you. If you need some help with your worldbuilding, writing, or even marketing, don’t hesitate to contact me!



I Will Create a Fictional World

Worldbuilding is hard. When creating a world, you have to think about everything – from the climate, ecosystems, animals, plants, terrains, to cultures, their architecture, clothing, history, etc.

I want to help you skip this step, and get to the telling of the stories from your world. You can tell these stories in novels, comic books, drawings, movies, video-games, or a halo of other media.

I will create a fantasy or a sci-fi world, along with a hand-drawn map, some animals, plants, and a culture. If you don’t like any of the things I create for you, we can talk about it and I can re-do it

With this Gig on Fiverr, I can use my experience in worldbuilding to create a world for you and your stories. Check it out!



I Will Come Up With Ideas For Your Blog Posts

Some bloggers actually spend more time trying to come up with good content, than with writing it! I find that crazy. You should focus on writing kick-ass content, and promoting it all over the internet, not thinking about what to write.

That’s why I want to offer you my services. I can provide you with original, keyword-filled post ideas that suit your niche, along with a short description. This way, you don’t have to think about what to write; and just write it!

If you buy the Premium package, I will give you 10 ideas, each for only $3.50!

With this Gig on Fiverr, I can provide you with relevant blog post ideas that can help you expand your blog. Check it out!



I Will Write How-To Blog Posts for Your Website

For the last few months, I have been writing at least one article every week on this blog. These articles have been very well accepted by my readers, some getting hundreds, even thousands of views. This is a combination of good marketing (mostly on Pinterest) and well-written content. I want to help you fill up your blog with posts of similar quality.

As a worldbuilder, I have been researching a variety of topics for my world, Eledris – from botany, psychology, and sociology. I tell you this to ensure you I will be able to write an article on almost any topic, provided a few days of intense research.

With this Gig on Fiverr, I can write you professional blog posts for your website, so you don’t have to worry about learning writing. Check it out!



I Will Help You Create a Pinterest Strategy

Pinterest is the leading source of traffic for this blog – I get over 7,000 monthly page views just from this amazing platform. However, as more and more creative minds realize the power of Pinterest, it’s getting harder and harder to get noticed. I would love to help you get your world, book, story, art collection, comic book, game, or blog, get viral on Pinterest and gain thousands of readers.

I use advanced pinning strategies, using both manual pinning, and schedulers like Tailwind, to ensure a healthy balance of automation and personal approach. Currently, I have over 150k monthly views on my account.

With this Gig on Fiverr, I can help you develop your own strategy to promote your work on this search engine. Check it out!



I Will Design High-Quality Pins For Your Pinterest Account

As you may know, good pin design is crucial if you want to promote your business on Pinterest. On average, you have around one second to catch a user’s attention, before they scroll away and might never see your pin again. Without great design, your pins won’t get as many saves, clicks, and have a much lower chance of going viral.

I want to help you create your brand on Pinterest, so I will design high-quality pins that you can then post using your pinning strategy. I will consider your brand, and weave the pins’ design around it.

On my own pins, I get thousands of impressions, hundreds of saves and clicks. That’s a result of a good pinning strategy and good pin design.

With this Gig on Fiverr, I can design high-quality pins for you, so you can start driving massive traffic to your site. Check it out!