Guest Posting on Eledris

While the Eledris blog is currently on hiatus for posting new articles, we are still accepting guest posts. Before you reach out to us, please read through this page.

While we do allow bloggers to guest posts for Eledris, we do have these guidelines. Each submission has to pass all these guidelines in order to make it on the blog. However, they’re not extensive – even if your blog post abides by all the rules, there is still a chance it won’t get accepted.

If you’ve finished reading all the guidelines, and feel like your submission does pass all of them, please feel free to send it to More information about how to submit at the end of the guest posting guidelines.


It’s important that the topic of the guest post will be interesting and valuable to our audience. The topic has to be connected in some way to worldbuilding, writing, art, or game development.

Make sure the topic of your post isn’t already covered on the Eledris blog by searching through the post archives.


All submitted blog posts must be at least 1000 words long. The topic should be covered in enough detail so that the reader gets a solid grasp on it just by reading the article.

While there isn’t a maximum word count, we prefer blog posts somewhere between 1500 and 3000 words. Longer posts might get accepted, but make sure you’re providing the information without any side-fluff that doesn’t provide any value and might bore the reader.

Previous Publishment

We do not accept articles that have been previously published anywhere, including on blogs, social media, and forums. Thank you for submitting only original, non-published content.


First things first, we do not accept affiliate or referral links in our guest posts. If your article contains these links, it will automatically get rejected.

That said, we actually encourage links in general. As long as you link to relevant sites with valuable information, links are amazing for both the reader (as they give them more learning material), and the blog (as they raise the SEO value of the post).

Preferably, a blog post would have at least three external links (with a maximum of one being to your blog), as well two or three internal links, where relevant.

You will also receive a link to your website at the bottom of the article – more on that later.


Each guest post should contain at least one relevant, high-quality image for every 1000 words. Please make sure you have the full rights to use said images.

You do not have to provide a thumbnail image, as we create custom illustrations for those.

Author’s Bio

With your guest post pitch, please provide a short (up to one paragraph) bio about yourself, written in the third person. Along that, provide a separate description of your blog (if you have one). These two descriptions will be included at the end of the post, should your pitch get accepted.

With your author’s bio, you can link to one of your social media profiles (preferably Twitter). A link to your blog will be included in the blog’s description.

Sending the Pitch

If you find your guest post complies with all of these guidelines, please send us an email to You can either send a snippet of the post, or the whole article, and we will get back to you in a few business days.

You retain your rights until the guest post gets accepted. At that point, you transfer all of the rights for the blog post to Eledris. We might edit the article, include its contents in eBooks or other products, etc. If your pitch should be rejected, you keep all the rights to the article.

Please include the sentence “I have read the Eledris Guest Posting Guidelines.” at the beginning of your email.

Thank you for your interest in writing for Eledris! We’re looking forward to hearing from you.