What Can You Do About Pinterest’s Algorithm Changes

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Pinterest is one of the best platforms for promoting a blog – whether it’s related to your writing, art, or game development, Pinterest is the place to go.

Recently, there’s been a big boom in the Pinterest marketing community, considering the algorithm changes Pinterest has implemented. While before it was okay to post the same pin to many different group boards, thus gaining a lot of impressions, Pinterest now shuns this behavior. Instead, you should post fresh, high-quality content.

In this article, I’d like to take a look at how you can do this every day, and what tools you can use to your advantage (specifically Tailwind and their SmartGuide).

Fresh Daily Content

Pinterest is more and more prioritizing showing people so-called Fresh Pins, which are images and videos that were never seen on Pinterest before. For example, you can create several unique, high-quality images, all linking to the same blog post.

Here are some of the things that are not considered to make a pin Fresh:

  • Using the same image, just changing the pin’s title and/or description.
  • Making very small changes to the image – for example shifting the background a few pixels, or changing the size of the text a bit.

You can still post a few duplicate pins here are there, but you definitely shouldn’t spam all available group boards with everything you’ve been posting. Be sure to keep it to a maximum of 10 boards per pin, because pinning duplicates so much can actually harm your reach.

Tailwind & SmartGuide

I’ve recommended Tailwind before, and I will do it again. It’s, at least in my view, the best tool for Pinterest marketing you can find on the internet. While I don’t use it at the moment (because my budget for marketing is a solid zero, so I can’t afford tools), I have been using Tailwind in the past, and I have been extremely happy with them.

Tailwind's logo.

Because of Pinterest’s algorithm changes, the team behind Tailwind has released SmartGuide, which is a new feature that can help you follow best practices on Pinterest, long-term, protect your account from unwanted behavior, and leverage the best strategies for Pinterest marketing.

In the short-term, SmartGuide will help you regulate pinning duplicate content too much, notify you when you might be unintentionally breaking some of the new “rules” on Pinterest, and help you keep a healthy queue of pins to post.

Long-term, SmartGuide will recommend the newest tips and tricks to help you stay up to date with Pinterest (which they can do because Tailwind is partnered with Pinterest).

Be sure to check Tailwind out if you’re doing any Pinterest marketing – the first 100 pins are for free, and then it’s only $15/month per social account.

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