5 Best GameDev Channels on YouTube

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If you prefer learning about game development in video form, I recommend you check out these amazing GameDev channels on YouTube.

So, here are some of my favorite GameDev channels, in no particular order.



Link to Brackey’s channel

Making videos mostly on the Unity engine, Brackeys was my introduction to GameDev. He and his team release beginner tutorials, as well as more advanced stuff. They upload on a weekly basis.

Some videos I would recommend from Brackeys are:



Link to Sykoo’s channel

Sykoo also works mainly in Unity, but he releases a bunch of other game development related videos, for example about game design, level design, business, etc.

You should check out these videos from Sykoo:



Link to BlackThornProd’s channel

On Noa’s channel, you can find an array of tutorials about Unity, art, and game development in general, as well as behind-the-scenes views of his own games, and his videos have a positive, inspiring vibe. He is currently working on an indie game called “The Dreadful Whispers”, and it looks just amazing.

My favorite videos include:


BlackThornProd also made an Udemy course along with his brother, where they teach you about the art and development of games using Unity and C# – check it out:

Game Development/Art: Create a 2D Action Game with Unity/C#

This is an affiliate link – if you buy the course using this link, I will receive 15 % of the price. It’s currently the best way the support my articles and it doesn’t cost you anything!


Thomas Brush

Link to Thomas Brush’s channel

The creator of a game called Pinstripe, who is also working on a game called Once Upon a Coma, is released all sorts of GameDev related videos, including tips & tricks, or art tutorials.


Game Maker’s Toolkit

Link to Mark Brown’s channel

Mostly focusing on game design, this series of incredibly well-done videos have taught me many of the things I now know about this field in making games.

These are, in my opinion, some of his best videos:


These are some of my favorite channels on YouTube about GameDev. Of course, there are a bunch of others, generating amazing content.

Let me know about your favorite YouTube GameDev channels in the comments. Let’s share the love and amazing gamedev resources!